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Veriproved Services offers our customers the ability to conduct international criminal searches. International criminal record searches are typically much harder to obtain then criminal searches conducted in the United States. Each country has different requirements and regulations for conducting the searches.
Veriproved Services utilized a worldwide research network to conduct compliant international searches. Several countries require specialized forms and date in order to complete the searches. All of these required forms will be provided by to you by Veriproved Services The Veriproved Services team will help to ensure your company conducts international searches that are compliant to international privacy and date protection issues.
Though it depends on a country’s criminal justice system, most countries provide for three tiers within the justice system. The tiers are usually comprised of a local (city) or district level, provincial level and federal level. When available the local or district level usually the yields the most significant data for the criminal court research. Court files are typically archived manually with very little automation. Some countries allow access to police records that are maintained by local law enforcement agencies and / or Central Criminal Justice Agencies as it conforms to local data privacy regulations and legal provisions. These agencies may require information to be obtained in a request from the applicant themselves. Requirements on how the information is retrieved and turnaround time will vary by country. There are several countries that due to Data Privacy Laws, lack of centralized criminal information and legal access do not allow criminal searches to be conducted. In these cases Veriproved Services recommends conducting a Global Watch International search. Global Watch consists of several modules geared towards examining information sources around the globe. These modules can tell us if a person is a known or suspected terrorist, denied persons, Specially Designated National (SDN), money launderer, drug king pin, Politically Exposed Person (PEP); or the subject of a regulatory, administrative, civil or criminal action. Global Watch searches include: global regulatory authorities checks, global compliance checks, financial crime investigative database search, US, European and Asian politically exposed persons database search, money laundering, corporate scandals and terrorist financing database search, stolen passport database search and foreign press search (translated into English). Veriproved Services can provide a full detailed description of Global Watch upon request. Global Watch was designed to help supplement when traditional international criminal checks are unavailable or not accessible. Please contact Veriproved Services for a price list, search availability by country and required documents. Below are descriptions from several countries outline what is searched in some of the most common requested countries. If you need information on a country that is not listed please. If you need information on a country that is not listed please Contact Us to Get Started  954.356.2132 
Canada offers a Global nationwide Canadian searches with the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC). This comprehensive search covers all provinces in Canada, including Ontario. Our searches of the CPIC system go back to the individuals coming of age at 18 years. It's not unusual for us to receive details from 30 years back; however it’s important to understand under the various Provincial Privacy and Consumer Reporting Laws in Canada we can only report back details in accordance with the relevant Provincial and Federal law when it comes to pre-employment screening. This means that we must manually adjudicate each CPIC result based on a given provinces current Human Rights and employment legislation as it comes in to our system in order to determine what is “reportable” and what is not for employment purposes. We obtained all forms necessary for your use and utilizes a worldwide research network to conduct compliant international searches. We can also verify education and employment anywhere around the globe! The Veriproved Screening team will help to ensure your company is compliant with international privacy and data protection issues while performing international searches. If you need information on a Canada please Contact Us to Get Started  954.356.2132  Global Watch International Search

If the country you would like to perform a criminal check in does not allow external criminal checks due to local privacy laws or lack of a centralized record system, ClearStar Logistics’ Global Watch is the service for you. Global Watch provides the best alternative, comprehensive international screening service by checking the applicant’s information against 19 international security sources. International Employment and Education Verification Also Available! 

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